A death in the family can bring out both the best and the worst in people. While many friends and relatives come together to comfort each other and celebrate their loved one's life, some may see the loss as an opportunity. Long-lost family members may suddenly appear, laying claim to property and assets that they say had been "promised" to them—and threatening legal action if they do not get what they came for.

The Legal Help You Need After the Loss of a Loved One

When a close relative passes away, it may fall on you to perform the legal procedure to close their estate. Known as probate, this process can take months to complete, force you to incur out-of-pocket expenses, and cause tensions to run high among family members who stand to inherit. The process can be extremely stressful for grieving relatives, leaving them no time to mourn before taking on the overwhelming demands of serving as an executor, such as collecting death certificates, filing paperwork, and transferring assets to the correct beneficiaries.

Luna Law Firm helps clients in Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Woodbury, McMinnville, and across Middle Tennessee navigate the probate process and fight to protect their loved ones' final wishes. We file the appropriate documents, open the estate account, confirm that creditors are notified and paid, ensure all assets are transferred appropriately, and close the estate as quickly and efficiently as possible. If problems arise during administration, we will refute any challenges to your loved one's instructions and represent you in probate litigation. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on your case.

Probate Proceedings Can Affect Your Future for Years to Come

When a person passes away, accessing their assets may not be a simple matter. If your late relative did not leave a last will and testament, you will need the help of an attorney to get a court order to name an executor who will control the decedent's assets. If your loved one did make a will, the document must be accepted by the probate court in order to be legally binding. If the will is declared invalid, distant relatives and other potential beneficiaries may suddenly appear to collect their due—even if they did nothing for your loved one while he or she was alive.

Our law firm has seen firsthand how beloved family members can suffer emotionally and financially as a result of probate mistakes. For this reason, it is vital to contact a lawyer as you begin the probate administration process. Our skilled legal counsel can handle all matters relating to probate, including:

  • Asset distribution. The executor of an estate can be held personally liable for errors during the transfer of bank accounts, real estate, and other holdings. We will ensure that deeds and legal documents are properly retitled and transferred to new owners so that your duties are fulfilled and your loved one's wishes are respected.
  • Elder law and conservatorships. If an elderly person can no longer care for themselves, a relative may be appointed as a guardian to make legal decisions and take over their affairs. If you wish to be appointed as a conservator, we can help file a petition for the protection of an incapacitated or disabled person in Tennessee probate court.
  • Litigation. As a former assistant district attorney, Attorney Nathan Luna is a practiced litigator who has conducted several jury trials and hearings. If someone is challenging the provisions in the decedent's will, our law firm has the experience and tenacity to fight all the way to trial to ensure that your loved one's property does not end up in the wrong hands.

Luna Law Firm proudly assists clients in Murfreesboro as well as those in Rutherford County, Cannon County, Warren County, and throughout Middle Tennessee. Contact us today by calling 615-893-8920 or filling out our contact form, and we will be in touch to discuss the next steps in your probate case.