Divorce isn’t something that can be won, but it can definitely be lost. Emotions are running high, old resentments may build up, and children may be caught in the middle no matter how hard parents try to keep them out of the process. While all spouses have different priorities for what a “successful” divorce looks like, many will spend months of their lives—and thousands of dollars—fighting with their hearts instead of their heads.

Luna Law Firm helps clients in Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Woodbury, McMinnville, and across Middle Tennessee separate from their spouses without compromising their options for the future. By taking a limited number of cases and establishing clear goals from the very beginning, we ensure that our clients get all that they are entitled to during divorce proceedings. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on your case.

The Decisions You Make Now Will Affect You and Your Children for the Rest of Your Life

Divorce is one of the most critical points in a person’s lifetime. Not only will it have an enormous impact on your financial situation, it can take a toll on your personal relationships and affect the bonds you have built with your children. Attorney Nathan Luna knows how difficult this transition can be, and will do everything possible to protect what is most important to you while giving you an honest appraisal of your options.

Our skilled legal counsel can advise you on:

  • Divorce. Some divorces will require the simple division of shared property, while others may involve months of custody hearings, depositions, and court judgments. As a former assistant district attorney and practiced litigator, Attorney Nathan Luna knows that preparation is key in minimizing the amount of stress and time involved in a divorce case. Although fewer than 5% of all divorces go to trial, we prepare every divorce case as if it will be tried in court, advocating for you at each stage in the process.
  • Child Custody. Physical custody is often the most sensitive and contested part of a divorce. In Tennessee custody cases, one parent is legally designated as primary residential parent (PRP) and lives with the child more than half of the time. The alternative residential parent (ARP) has certain visitation rights and the right to make decisions about the child’s health and future, but is typically the one who will pay child support to the other parent. We can represent your interests in a custody hearing, fashion a Permanent Parenting Plan to address all of your concerns, and help preserve your relationship with your children.
  • Child Support. If you have minor children, either you or your spouse will be ordered to make regular support payments to cover your child’s expenses. The amount may vary, but should cover a portion of the child’s food, clothing, housing, medical care, and educational needs. This a legal obligation that may continue until the child turns 18 or until the primary residential parent remarries, so it is vital to consult with an attorney before the support order is issued.
  • Parentage and Legitimation. Tennessee law has a marital presumption of fatherhood, meaning children born during marriage are legally presumed to be fathered by the husband. If paternity is not established, a presumed father may be ordered to pay child support for a child that is not his own. If there is any question of legitimacy, the father, mother, or a third party may seek a declaration of paternity before divorce proceedings are final.
  • Post-Divorce. In the years after a divorce, spouses may find that the parenting plans they created are no longer suitable. When this happens, they will need to go to court to legally modify the provisions of a Permanent Parenting Plan (PPP). The court will only allow changes to the PPP if there is a material change in circumstances (such as the loss of employment) and the change directly affects the best interests of the child. Tennessee law requires mediation before modification of a PPP to give both parents the opportunity to address the problem. We can work to find creative solutions that are in the best interest of the children and prevent an unfair court determination.

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