Luna Law Firm believes in providing the best possible service to clients, taking their cases all the way to court if it will give them the results they want. Whether you need help navigating the Tennessee probate process, separating from your spouse, or resolving a property dispute, we fight aggressively to protect what’s most important to you. 


After a loved one passes away, survivors may be forced to struggle through probate filings and dissension among family members about the decedent's estate at a time when they are supposed to be grieving their loss. At Luna Law Firm, clients can expect diligent representation in the probate process and prompt answers to their questions directly from an experienced attorney.

Divorce & Child CustodyDivorce & Child Custody

If you or your spouse has filed for divorce, you will need someone to give you straight answers as you begin the next phase of your life. At Luna Law Firm, clients can expect fierce representation throughout divorce and custody proceedings from an experienced family law attorney.

Property DisputesProperty Disputes

A disagreement over real estate can cause a wide range of problems, including your ability to control your land, rent to a tenant, or sell your home. If it is not corrected quickly, a small property dispute has the potential to cause serious complications down the road. At Luna Law Firm, our clients can expect tenacious representation of their rights in disputes involving neighbors, builders, housing associations, landlords, tenants, or government entities.