Father owed Mother thousands of dollars in child support arrearages. For those who are wondering, "arrearages" is just a fancy word for back child support. 

When we went to Court, Father testified that he purchased a Harley Davidson motorcycle during the time he failed to pay child support. He also testified that the Harley Davidson was worth $4,000.

The Trial Court found that Father owed several thousand dollars in back child support. Although he testified he didn't have the money to pay the judgment, the Court did find that he had a perfectly good Harley Davidson that could cover $4,000 of the amount.

When the Court awarded the Harley Davidson to my client to cover $4,000 for back child support, Father tried to say that the motorcycle was worth $6,000. When the Court asked him whether he lied about the value he testified to under oath, he decided that $4,000 was a fair value. 

The Court told my client she could sell the Harley Davidson for any amount she liked but it would only cover $4,000 of Father's back child support. The client ended up selling the motorcycle for around $6,000 while the Father was stuck without a ride for the weekend.

If you are dealing with an ex that refuses to pay child support, you need a divorce attorney with a proven record of obtaining child support judgments by any means necessary. Contact us today, and you may ride out of the courthouse on his motorcycle.