Our Tennessee Law Firm Can Help You Through the Most Stressful Times in Your Life

If you’re like many of our clients, you may never have needed a lawyer until now. Our clients often come to us in times of great fear and apprehension: a spouse has decided to file for divorce, and they are afraid they will lose everything—their children, their home, and their livelihood. They are dealing with a boundary dispute, construction issue, or eviction notice, and they don’t know where to turn. Or, a loved one has died, forcing them to struggle through the legal details and family disagreements at a time when they are supposed to be grieving their loss. The last thing people need when emotions and stakes are at an all-time high is a lawyer who will make false promises.

We Tell You What You Need to Know, Not What You Want to Hear

Attorney Nathan Luna focuses his practice on helping people who are willing to hear an honest appraisal of their legal options. Whether this involves modifying court orders for custody and support, ensuring that your loved one’s property does not end up in the wrong hands, or resolving a property dispute, we set clear goals from the beginning, only taking the case if we truly believe we will meet or exceed those goals.

Luna Law Firm proudly serves clients in Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Woodbury, McMinnville, and across Middle Tennessee. Contact us today for a no-obligation case consultation.